Dovetail Drawers

Custom Solid Wood Drawer Boxes

Dovetail drawers require a different type of construction than standard kitchen drawers, and are usually regarded as a higher quality drawer option for homeowners. The difference between dovetail drawers and other, more traditionally constructed drawers, lies within the type of joint used in dovetail drawers.

The type of joint constructed for dovetail drawers is known as a ‘locking joint.’ The dovetail ‘locking joint’ is constructed from wedge-shaped channels cut into the wood, that interlock with one another from either side of the drawer, creating a box. The wedge-shaped pieces are called ‘tails’ and ‘pins,’ and provide a very strong joint that is quite resistant to force once the two sides are assembled.

Wood Drawer Finishing

The varnish soaks into the wood, enhances the natural color of the wood and does not mask the the grainy wood texture. Varnished furniture is protected from dirt, sunlight and water. If you want the furniture to be preserved as natural, varnishing is the best technique to use.

Oiling helps restore the wood’s natural colour. Oiled wood acquires an eye-pleasing, mirror-like shine.

Dyeing. Our products can be coloured as well.


Widespread throughout Europe, America, the Far East. It is very light, slightly yellowish wood. A distinction is made between European maple and Canadian maple.
– Light
– Event Pattern
– Experience Required


Beech is most common in Central and Western Europe, most commonly found in mixed forests. Beech wood is moderately heavy, strong and durable.
– Hardwood
– Flexible
– Decorative

Ash Brown

Brown ash is widespread throughout Europe, grows mainly in mixed forests, Brown ash wood is strong, insensitive, stable and therefore has little shrinkage, similar to oak.
– Strong
– Bright Pattern
– Warm Tint

Ash white

Ash grows mainly in Central Europe. Light, yellowish and expressively textured wood, difficult to process, low shrinkage, insensitive. Very hard and even slightly stronger wood than oak.
– Solid
– Bright Pattern
– Impact Resistant


Walnut is one of the most valuable wood varieties. It is often used to manufacture decorative furniture or furniture parts, and musical instruments.
– Luxurious
– Durable
– Annual wrinkles dark or wavy


Light brownish-brown, almost white wood. Bright pattern, pink hue, medium-heady and strong wood. Birch is one of the most widely used types of wood for furniture.
– Refuelling
– Medium Difficult
– Bright Pattern, pink tint


Oak is widely distributed in Europe, Asia, and America. It has been used for the manufacture of furniture since ancient times. Colour is a beautiful tan, with conspicuous growth rings.
– Classic
– Durable
– Humidity Resistant

Smoked oak

Ammonia smoke is a wood-finishing process that darkens wood and brings out a grainy wood texture. This process works best on the white oak, often called “smoked oak”.
– Modern
– Elastic
– Bright Pattern

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